500 Happy Wedding Wishes & Messages For Friends

451. The days will come and go, but your love should grow forever. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you. I wish you the best with the wedding.

452. The perfect love story has never been written in a novel. It has been written every day in their lives as a couple. Congratulations for your wedding.

453. Thousands of couples must commit around the world today, but you are not among them. You two are a heavenly couple, really out of this world. Congratulations.


454. Through the storms of life, may your mutual love be firm and strong. We wish you joy and happiness. Congratulations to both!

455. May your love for each other be only strength with the passage of time. May your love become deeper and may the connection between you grow stronger and stronger. Congratulations for your wedding!

456. On this sweet occasion, I wish you a healthy and romantic life ahead. May God bless your love. Congratulations for your wedding.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

457. Congratulations to you two at your wedding! While it is not a surprise for those who love you, this time in your life is filled with much love and joy, as well as many days of unexpected happiness! Looking forward to the wedding of the year. Save a dance for me!

458. Congratulations for your wedding! My best wishes for an amazing couple! May you always be full of love, joy, peace and romance.

459. We all look for a special person in our life with whom we can share everything in our lives, someone who loves us unconditionally and takes care of us beyond limits. I am happy that you have found your soul mate.


460. My dear friend, you have always been the most special person for me, but now that you are ready to enter a new world, I am very happy and excited for you, I want you to be blessed with the happiness of the world. Warm wishes to the best couple at your wedding.

461. I feel happier when I see you together, you are the most wonderful couple. I wish you to be always together, happy and smiling, loving and caring, bringing happiness to the people around them. Happy Married Life to my dear friend.

462. Congratulations on your wedding, my dear friend. May every day of your life be as exciting and romantic as your first date. May your love and romance multiply with time. Wishing you a beautiful and happy married life.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

463. You have been a wonderful daughter and an awesome friend from now on you will be a wife and a daughter in law and I am sure that you will win all the hearts. Congratulations my dear !!!

464. When I look at you both, I see a wonderful couple, A couple made in heaven. You both understand each other as you are truly made for each other, as you both share an amazing compatibility. Warm wishes on your special day. Happy Married Life to you too.

465. A happy and healthy marriage works on trust, understanding, love and respect. May you are blessed with all the happiness of the world and may the pillar of your relationship be stronger and deeper with time.

466. You have waited for this moment for long. On this special day, I wish that every moment to eat in your life is happiest time of your life. May your dong of love get stronger and healthier, Warm wishes on marriage to the most amazing couple.


467. I know that from now on I will be sharing my best friend with the person who is her life but I am still very happy as you are getting married to the man you always loved. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. May you two are always blessed. Happy Married Life my dear !!!

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

468. Marriage is the most beautiful association and soon you are going to enter this lifelong committed with the person you love the most. I wish you all the happiness in your life and may two be always with each other. Congratulations to you my friend !!

469. The first day of your marriage is the beginning of new hopes and new plans for life. I pray for a lovely, exciting, harmonious and joyful couple in the world as you both are stepping in the new and most important phase of your life. Wishing you a happy married life guys !!

470. The glow on your face, the smile on your face, the spark in your eyes. Beautifully expresses how happy you are. I am extremely happy for you. Finally you are entering in the new phase of life. Congratulations!!!

471. Dear friend, a chapter is to begin in your life. I wish you enjoy every moment of your life together and this is the best chapter of your life which is full of beautiful moments and new hopes. Happy married life to you guys.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

472. I wish that your bond of love grows stronger with time, the happiest moments of present become the worst moments of the future and you never fail to love each other, spend time with each other. Wishing best of happiness and health to you. Have a great life together.

473. Marriage is a beautiful union where two love each other and appreciate each other and dedicate their lives to each other. Sending warm and heartily wishes to the most wonderful couple of the world.

474. Warm congratulations on finding your soul mate and marrying him. I am very happy for you both as you are made for each other. May your love grow stronger with time. May you be blessed with eternal joy and togetherness. Warm wishes on your marriage .

475. Today is the day when you are going to make vows. May this special day bring so much happiness, new hopes and great joy in your life. May your love never fade and may you two enjoy a healthier and happier married life for many years to come.

476. I wish the beloved couple congratulations on their wedding ceremony. I hope you have all the love and support of all to share a happy married life forever. I send gifts to both of you and I wish you all the luck for a happy married life ahead of you.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

477. Life is incomplete without love having found your love, I pray for your happiness and togetherness. May new colors be added in your life and may this marriage fill your life with joy and brightness. Wishing you a wonderful journey ahead. Happy married life to you.

478. Dear newlyweds, marriage is the most beautiful phase of life and you have just begun your journey. May all your plans and wishes come true in the coming days. Congratulations on your wedding. God bless you.

479. Marriage is a start of a new life, a beginning of new chapter in your life. Dear friend, I congratulate you with all my heart for your wedding ceremony. I wish you have a happy married life together for many years.

480. Sending my sincere congratulations for the sweet couple at your wedding. I also send you gifts to celebrate the occasion happily and in a great way.

481. Wishing the beautiful couple the most sincere congratulations for their wedding ceremony. The adoration that we both share is multiplied by ten to give you moments of much love and union.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

482. The day of your marriage is the day to make the most important commitment of your life, to the most special couple that you will always love unconditionally and forever. May you two be blessed with a happy and beautiful life. Congratulations for your wedding.

483. Dear couple, it does not matter how much you fight with each other, now you are in disagreement, how much you irritate each other. With your marriage, you are united by life. Enjoy this amazing partnership with lots of love and lovely fights. Happy married life with you !!!

484. Love is the strongest power. It has the potential to make impossible possible. I wish both of you to be blessed with the power of love for life and to enjoy the best of happiness and unity in your life. Congratulations on your wedding, my dear newlyweds!

485. Over time you will be busy but never forget to tell us the three magic words, Never stop expressing your feelings, Never stop showing how much you love, Love each other with love forever and ever. Wishing you both a happy marriage life.

486. Marriage is the most beautiful relationship. It has nuances of all relationships, the best of experiences that you could not otherwise experience in your life. Make it a strong and blessed association. Congratulations on your wedding, my friend.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

487. Dear love birds, wedding is the most memorable and significant association in life, the lucky ones are those who have been blessed with this association which is a colorful group of emotions and feelings that keep the couple together. Warm congratulations for your wedding !!!!

488. Congratulations to the most beautiful couple on this special occasion! I wish more and more moments of happiness, harmony, understanding and union that add a new spark to your life. Enjoy this wonderful trip. Congratulations for your wedding. God bless you.

489. May your love grow stronger and brighter, May your life be blessed with happiness and warmth that you can win all the challenges. May all your dreams come true that you always understand. Wishing the best of life for you too! Congratulations!!

490. Today is the most special day for you, as two of your souls have become one. On the occasion of your wedding, I wish you a beautiful romantic trip in your life, full of joy and fun. Sending you warm and cordial congratulations for your great day, how a new trip begins !!!

491. Dear newly married couple, that you have a bright future ahead as you enter a wonderful phase of your life that there is adventure, laughter, joy, romance and happiness in your life and strength to face all the problems. Warm Congratulations on your wedding.

492. I wish my dear friend, happy wedding. I hope you have a good married life full of union happiness and prosperity.

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

493. Love your better half and have all the understanding and support to have a happy life. Wishing the couple a happy wedding. Let your wedding be a motivation for everyone with the love and strong union that we both share together.

494. The day of your wedding can come and go, but may your love grow forever. Congratulations to the perfect couple! I hope that over the years you become best friends and share all possible happiness that life can bring.

495. Gathered in hope, united by a promise and united in love. Congratulations on your wedding! May all your days be full of light and joy!

496. Learning to sacrifice for a greater good, a greater cause, a greater love. These are the things that a great marriage is built on, and that are obvious in your lives. Congratulations! May your marriage be truly blessed!

497. What a beautiful way to commemorate your everlasting love! Wishing you more happiness and peace today and in the coming days.

498. Being engaged to be married to the love of your life is a best blessing for god and a most important joy. I am sending you heartfelt wishes and pray for a life full of Love, Happiness, and Peace!

happy Wedding Status For your friend’s marriage

499. Best wishes to my best friend! I really feel very happy because you two met. You are an inspiration to those around you! May your joy last forever.

500. Congratulations to the happy couple! Today I wish you all the happiness that your hearts can dream!
So, If you cannot attend the wedding of your friend then you can send this best wishes then obviously, this will make him happy. Make them feel that you are always with them and you are always praying for him/her.


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