200 Best Wishes To Girlfriend on Her Birthday – Messages & Quotes From Boyfriend

151. I feel happy to be part of your joy, to be part of this day in which all who love you will celebrate another year in your life. Happy birthday.

152. Happy birthday, my treasure, you still have a long way to go and I hope to always be by your side to give you the support you need. I love you.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

153. One more year in your life. But not just any year, a year that has left you many memories and lessons. Happy birthday.


154. May this year begins full of hopes and dreams. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you much happiness and strength to continue behind your dreams one more year.

155. Today I have proposed to fill you with kisses and hugs, make you laugh until you can not anymore. Happy birthday.

156. Happy birthday, my life. You know that you are the queen of my heart and that nobody but you deserves all the love I am capable of giving.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

157. I know I can not give you the gift that I would have liked because it is not in my possibilities. But I do want you to know that you have me for everything you need.

158. I give you my sincere love for the rest of our days my life. Happy birthday.

159. I wake up each day and I realize how happy I am to have your love and your company.Happy birthday.


160. I feel like the merriest person in the world to wake up and have your face as the first image that goes through my mind. Happy birthday.

161. In my dreams I think about you, I caress you, I feel you. I want them to be real.my love. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

162. I love you and I have you by my side. It is a beautiful life that I live everyday with you. Happy birthday.

163. On this day our great love was assured and strengthened, I felt very happy when you told me that you do not imagine the rest of your life if it is not by my side and without me. Happy birthday.

164. I’m going to think about you because you made me feel very happy from inside. May you have sweet dreams, my beloved. Happy birthday.

165. Your love is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

166. The sweetest kisses, the most welcoming hugs, the most tender mimes and the warmest caresses. Happy birthday jaan.


167. I look forward to having you next to me, loving me every night as if there were no tomorrow. You are my soul, the owner of my heart. Happy birthday.

168. I send you the most tender hug, those that say ‘I love you’. Happy birthday.

169. I want to tell you that you are the sweet and the only woman of my life.Happy birthday.

170. May the angels take care of your dreams and allow me to be in it together to go to a paradise created by your imagination. Happy birthday.

171. Embrace your back strong and affectionately gently bite your ear. It would be the most beautiful thing you would do. Happy birthday.

172. You understand me with your eyes.You make me feel loved with a single word. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

173. You are not a princess who only exists in fairy tales, because you are a being of flesh and blood that I adore with every molecule of my body. Happy birthday.

174. Your joy is a light in my day to day and that’s why I’m so glad that you exist. Happy birthday.

175. I want to be like yours in the same way, fill you with love, happiness and tenderness, especially today that is your birthday.

176. Happy birthday, my love.I ask God to give you many more years of life to continue loving me and making me happy.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

177. Today I want to give you a thousand reasons to want to spend all your birthdays with me, love. Happy birthday.

178. Happy birthday, sweetheart. That happiness never lacks in your heart and that my love is an important part of your life, I love you.

179. Even though we are far away, remember that my love will accompany you wherever you are. Happy birthday.

180. I send you a big hug and thousands of blessings my dear. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

181. The most wonderful woman, happy birthday. Thank you for teaching me day by day the meaning of love, affection, respect and many other things.

182. I will never be able to repay so much happiness that you have given me. Happy birthday.

183. I do not know if it’s my idea but on your birthday I always have the immense desire to do everything in order to see you happy.

184. My queen,maybe for other people it does not seem nice the gift I’m going to give you. But who better than I know you to know what will please you most in your day and the rest can say what they want. Happy Birthday my love.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

185. You do not know how much I would like to be there with you and be able to spend this important date with you darling. Happy birthday.

186. I promise that soon I will come to see you and celebrate together with great joy. Happy birthday.

187. May all those around you today give you their love and make you live the best day of the year. Happy Birthday.

188. I gathered your family and true friends so that we can share this wonderful day at your side. Happy birthday.

189. Today is a special date for me and for all of us who love you. Today is your happy birthday.

190. On a day like today years ago you came to the world to fill it with your joy, your charisma and your good humor. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

191. My love, happy birthday. May God fill you with blessings today and always and may luck always accompany you. Happy birthday.

192. I feel that I was lucky to meet you, that I could have run into many stones along the way but God put you in my destiny. Happy birthday.

193. I can not be more grateful or happy. Happy birthday, my love that life is always good to you.May God always guide your way, you deserve it.

194. I feel like the luckiest person to have love like you. I wish that all your dreams come true in this day full of joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

195. Today is a radiant day. The sun has risen early to receive the most wonderful woman for her birthday. I want you to know that I adore you and wish you a happy day.

196. Today I have the joy of greeting you and wish you an unforgettable birthday.

197. I know it will be a nice day, as nice as you are. Happy birthday and that the smile that you have so beautiful does not disappear for anything in the world.

198. I won’t ask God to give you my life. Because I want to spend as many days I can with you. Happy birthday love.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend from boyfriend

199. You are the answer of my prayers. Happy birthday love.

200. May our love as pure as of Romeo and Juliet. May we not have their tragic ending. Happy birthday love.


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